Hello, my name is Queralt Prat-i-Pubill, I would like to share what I know about creativity and the development of collective motivations. A warm welcome to you, thank you for visiting my personal page. Here below you will find the welcome video I prepared this year for my Master students in St. Gallen University (Switzerland).  This course focuses on creativity development.  Below, you will also find information about my previous and current work. Welcome!

My research is on Axiological Epistemology. It covers two practical problems: (1) How to create collective motivations to entice organization members to work in full service, communication and investigative attitude to enhance creativity and thrive in current economic conditions and (2) How to develop one's creative potential.  On both of these questions I am investigating as well as developing learning material for university students and organizations.

in a specialized economy, with rapidly changing knowledge, organizations are strong if team members are able to create knowledge in a collective setting. We depend on each other. How to do it??


I am on leave.

My fundamental research is on creativity,  and how to develop collective motivations that propel organizations towards interesting futures. In both of my interests, (1) creativity development and (2) the creation of collective motivations, the development of  human quality plays a central role. In this aspect I collaborate with the Catalan research centre CETR (web in Catalan, Spanish and a bit in English )

Currently, I teach two courses on creativity development in St. Gallen Universität: "Practising Creative Leadership" for Master of Science students, and one course on "Steps to Creativity" (Course 2) for Bachelor students. I also teach four courses in Universidad del Pacífico (Perú) a course on creativity for Executive students (Course 3 - Freedom to create), another for post graduate students on collaboration and creation of motivations for groups, teams and organizations, and a third course for Bachelor students on creativity. Finally, I also teach professors and executives on axiological development to create enticing group motivations. 

My written research*


Current collaborations*

1. with the University of Edinburgh on rethinking how to develop a human management education. Centered on developing human qualities for the benefit of human beings, please visit the site here

2. with the Social Innovation institute of ESADE Business School

3. with the practical reasoning platform

4.  with the social leadership initiative (web in Catalan, Spanish and a bit in English) in ESADE Business School. Our work was featured in ESADE's PRME report 2014 as a major highlight. Please read here.

5. with the Catalan research center specialised on axiology research: CeTR and a group of professors from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama, also working on this topic. 


My work experience*

2013 - 2016 Universität St.Gallen.  I worked on understanding how humanities and social sciences could and should be integrated in management education. Also I continued developing my courses and research on creativity and the development of collective motivations.

2008 - 2013 Esade. I worked on innovating by developing the social leadership course for BSc in Management, involving more than 1000 students.

2008 - 2010 SHE Foundation. Management and development of the healthy lifestyle program pioneered by Dr. Valentí Fuster and cook Mr. Ferran Adrià.

2006 - 2008 Cherry. Analysis of investment projects in Biofuels. Business development in IT services.  Business development in purchase and sale of industrial machinery.

2003 - 2006 Med-building. Investment manager for internationalization in Eastern Europe. Raised total 1.2 million euros in equity. Final investment in development of tourist apartments in Bratislava (Slovakia).

2001 - 2002 Reuters. Responsible for investments and development of new products for media, television and internet in Europe.

1994 - 1999 JPMorgan. Associate. Worked in Fixed Income, M&A and Equity Derivatives. Performed diverse banking roles.

My education*

2009 - current ESADE. Candidate to PhD in Management Sciences.

2008 - 2009 ESADE. Master of Research.

2000 - INSEAD. MBA program.

1994 - HEC. Master CEMS.

1994 - Brandeis University. Lemberg program in International Economics and Finance.

1989 - 1994 ESADE. Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration.


I speak fluently: Catalan, Spanish and English. I can work in: French, Italian and Portuguese. I have notions of: German

Volunteer work

I collaborated and collaborate with diverse civic initiatives related to sustainability awareness and democratic participation.

 Academic teaching*

For faculty

  • 2011-2012 Prat-i-Pubill, Q. Creative Leadership. UNIJES: Summer School for professors of Spanish Jesuits' Universities. Course summary, context, theory, and students' opinions. 
  • 2010-2011 Prat-i-Pubill, Q. Creative Leadership. UNIJES: Summer School for professors of Spanish Jesuits' Universities.

For organizations

  • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. & Corbí, M. 2011. Entrepreneurial and Team Spirit Challenges. Ibinser Team.
  • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. Entrepreneurial and Team Spirit Introduction. 2011. Ibinser Team. Third Edition. (Information in Catalan)
  • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. Entrepreneurial and Team Spirit Introduction. 2011. Ibinser Team. Second Edition.
  • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. & Guardans, 2010. T. Entrepreneurial and Team Spirit Introduction. Ibinser Management Team. First Edition.

For university students

on creativity

on axiological development (basis to develop collaboration and cooperation by creating axiological projects)

  • Vernis, A. & Prat-i-Pubill, Q. 2016. Responsible global leadership seminar: Responsible fashion. Who made your clothes?. CEMS program. ESADE Business School. Module on creativity development.
  • The following courses were featured as a major highlight in the 2014 ESADE's PRME report:
    • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. & Batlle, R. Social Leadership. 2013. Third Course Edition. BBA program. ESADE Business School. (summary info in Spanish)
    • Prat-i-Pubill, Q. & Batlle, R. Social Leadership. 2012. Second Course Edition. BBA program. ESADE Business School.
    • Prat-i-P ubill, Q. & Batlle, R. Social Leadership. 2012. First Course Edition. BBA program.ESADE Business School.

Grants, Prizes and Funding*

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