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Here you can find some apps that can help you to develop your attention. An important consideration to keep in mind is to remember that we are using our attention to practise IDS in our everyday life.  If we practise without the purpose of understanding what is beyond our automatic understanding of the world, we are renouncing the possibility of being a "Hunter of the Invisible".  We cast aside our creative development and renounce to our wisdom, moreover we are giving away the prospect of achieving our ideals. Attention brings many health benefits, however we are considering these rewards just wonderful positive side effects. 

Further, creativity is enhanced when fluid communication with others is achieved.  This communication, trustful, with a service investigative attitude can be promoted by using digital tools. There are a wealth of websites and apps that help teams to work by sharing mindmaps and brainstorms. You can check the 'ibrainstorm app' and the website ''. Please remember that these digital tools are successful depending on the quality of people that use them. An interesting app, beyond the generation of divergent ideas is the 'design thinking canvas' which proposes the development of a creative process. In the materials - books section of this website you can find a whole section devoted to design thinking, with further information and lots of empirical data.

To enter into the conversation of the many aspects of creativity, a diversity of contributions can be found here:

Very interesting open innovation platform that uses design thinking methodology, created by the pioneers IDEO and finally an 'atlas of the future' which shows how we are solving tomorrow's challenges.


For children

Resources on human quality development, key to creativity and to a fulfilled life: Otsiera, for children education  (in Catalan and Spanish)

There should be no deliberate intervention other than from silence. The artist has to succeed in silencing all the voices of prejudice inside; he has to forget, create silence, be a perfect spring
— Cézanne

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