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In this page you will find more on creativity. I have chosen the below courses for diverse reasons: Some because work systematically on facets of creativity. Others to illustrate the most common approaches to creativity development. It is important to investigate and ascertain by oneself when and how the proposals can be of use, and therefore understand which facets are not developed.

This course by Prof. Brabandere presents an epistemological approach to develop our creativity. The full course can be followed on coursera. Click to view the videos

This course by Professor Owens deals with organizational innovation, it works on understanding and setting some conditionings to creativity and innovation. The full course can be followed on coursera. Click to view the videos. 

He offers interesting working material, like this workbook.

Here below you can find the introductory videos to the course Model Thinking by Professor Scott Page from the University of Michigan. The full course can be followed on Coursera.  Here a short introduction by professor Page: 'Evidence shows that people who think with models consistently outperform those who don't. And, moreover people who think with lots of models outperform people who use only one. Why do models make us better thinkers? Models help us to better organize information - to make sense of that fire hose or hairball of data (choose your metaphor) available on the Internet. Models improve our abilities to make accurate forecasts. They help us make better decisions and adopt more effective strategies. They even can improve our ability to design institutions and procedures. In this class, I present a starter kit of models: I start with models of tipping points. I move on to cover models explain the wisdom of crowds, models that show why some countries are rich and some are poor, and models that help unpack the strategic decisions of firm and politicians. The models covered in this class provide a foundation for future social science classes, whether they be in economics, political science, business, or sociology. Mastering this material will give you a huge leg up in advanced courses. They also help you in life.' Click to view the videos.


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