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Final creativity projects by course participants (PCL-2014)

Hello! here you will find some interesting creative projects by participants on the Practising Creative Leadership Course 2014.


Group A.C.A.D.E.M.Y

Our group has decided to create a Facebook page on creativity, called "Let's Practise Creative Leadership". On this page we provide a platform on which people can improve, learn and share creativity. We also post things like surveys, pictures, videos or experiments. Click here to view our presentation

 Group members: Coco13, Lexou, Sherlock, and MrIdeaHunter

Group members: Coco13, Lexou, Sherlock, and MrIdeaHunter

Group CrApple

Click here to download the calendar and choose new calendar (once downloaded, click on the file and it will be updated on your personal calendar).

'We start with the assumption that creativity can be developed’.

Everyone can be creative. But why should you put any effort into developing your creative potential? Well, fostering creativity will not only enhance your ability to flexibly respond to a fast changing environment in your business career: A creative attitude further enables you to see problems differently, to find new connections and thus allows you to generate novel ideas (Cropley, 1992, p.15). Moreover, creativity will enrich your personal everyday life by offering unknown perspectives and adventurous insights. So it is definitely worth working on it!

 Group members: chocolatelover, Perservering Wolf, Bananapancake and HCDynamo

Group members: chocolatelover, Perservering Wolf, Bananapancake and HCDynamo

The purpose of this Creative Calendar is to support people who want to work on their creativity. For a period of 3 months, you will receive weekly challenges and inspirational ideas. As Steve Jobs pointed out: ,You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains’. Aiming at getting our thinking clean, we have to become aware of the restrictions which limit our perception and our understanding of the world. Our perception is often unconscious, which is why different tools to increase the awareness of thinking patterns are presented. Specifically, the calendar is structured as follows: In the beginning, the emphasis lies especially on focusing techniques to practise awareness. Developing awareness is a crucial factor to discover what narrows our view, what hinders us in thinking clean. During this process we continuously give you motivational input to dive into new unknown fields. The level of the challenges’ difficulty will slowly increase throughout the weeks. Feedback and additional ideas after a challenge ensure a semi-guided learning experience.

All in all, the calendar is very process-oriented. It is you who is in the centre. The combination of inspirational input and new challenges encourages both your personal self-reflection process and your action to create in order to create (Osborn, 2009, p. 57). The calendar can thus be considered as an impulse for a steady process, supporting you to develop a mental attitude. On this journey you will need no more than a notebook and courage to discover new ways of seeing the world – have fun and explore!

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Group C.H.A.O.S

Everyone can be creative, here C.H.A.O.S group shows you how. Click here to access their amazing webpage, full of short videos and other resources


 Group members: Globetrotter, Songoku, Ju'cky, Felixk92 and Baudolino

Group members: Globetrotter, Songoku, Ju'cky, Felixk92 and Baudolino


Group Creativity Challenge

An Advent Calendar to keep up your experimentation with creativity is the proposal of the creativity challenge group. You can view their presentation here .

The Creativity Challenge is animated by four students of the University of St. Gallen. As innovation is based on knowledge, we need to continually expand our knowledge base and experience as much as we can. Exposure brings more ideas in our subconscious. Practising on a daily basis diverse attention experiments allows us to focus on what surrounds us, as well as on what is inside us. Developing our attention and our ability to focus is the first step towards creativity. 


 Group members: Duchess, Mountaineer, M and Chainz

Group members: Duchess, Mountaineer, M and Chainz

The idea of this Creativity Challenge is to practice diverse experiments for 24 days, reflect about them and trigger a discussion on this blog. We use a Christmas Advent Calendar, replacing the chocolates with experiments to integrate these exercices into our daily lives and capitalize on an old, beloved tradition.

We hope that after this 24-day challenge, practising such experiments will become a new routine that people will gladly keep on carrying.   The blog aims at triggering an open discussion among participants as well as offering further guidance. Check here our creativity blog.

So, let's not waste more time and start challenging our Creativity!


Group Yoga masters

With our pilot »Morning Creativity Yoga Video«, we would like to bring you back to the world of classic yoga, aerobics or other retro exercise tapes and DVD's. We believe these are still a powerful tools for practicing something like attention and awareness, since you it does not need any connection to the environment that bombards us with information such of internet and countless social networks. Morning creativity yoga exercise offer a solid base to start practicing awareness in the comfort of your home, at the moment when you are still waking up in order to begin a fruitful and creative day. Every one of us can take a few minutes in the morning to devote to developing some of our most fundamental features. With the morning creativity yoga you can do this step by step, easily with clear instructions and most importantly explanations that will drive your motivation to explore the process of nurturing attention and awareness. We believe it is crucial that every practitioner adopts and embraces these exercises in order to truly benefit from them. 

 Group members: Petrutza, Kiterella, Debono, King James 

Group members: Petrutza, Kiterella, Debono, King James 

The video also encourages you to find other ways to embed similar exercises in your daily life in the most convenient way for you. With the help of this DVD, you can effortlessly integrate attention training and creativity development in your everyday wake up routine.

Group F.A.S.S.

Upon the finding that creativity derives from awareness, which people only gain with steady practise, the aim of our group project was to integrate exercises that develop awareness in everyone’s daily life. Therefore we worked on either daily product’s packaging or on the product itself to remind people on the one hand of doing the exercise and on the other hand to explain how to do it. Result were the following five awareness enhancing items: 

Mindful Eating Sandwich: We updated the wrapping with a sticker that guides people through the exercise of fully aware eating. 

Out of the Box Candy: Similar to the Mindful Eating Sandwich-wrapping the box of the candy contains a step by step instruction how to exercise awareness while eating. It is the perfect alternative to the sandwich for sweets lovers. 


 Group members: Fierce Lion, The Baker, Seiya and Waterwind

Group members: Fierce Lion, The Baker, Seiya and Waterwind

Thoughtful Napkin: As well as the prior two the Thoughtful Napkin has the aim to remain people on doing their awareness exercise while eating. It is useful as a guide throughout the whole meal or just for one bite, this is up to the user. 

Reflective Mirror Stickers: These waterproof stickers can be placed anywhere in people’s bathrooms and will help them to explore their real desires. 

Observing Sunglasses: When putting on the Observing Sunglasses they remind people of having a look at their surroundings, not to think about them just to observe them. 

In our movie we present all the products and show how they should be used. The video is either suitable for advertise the products or for educational purpose. 

Finally....some information of who participated in this course

Following nationalities

  • Argentinian
  • Austrian
  • Belgian
  • Catalan
  • French
  • German
  • German/Philippine
  • Lithuanian
  • Philippine
  • Polish
  • Serbian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Swiss
  • Swiss/Canadian
  • Swiss/Italian
  • Swiss/Romanian




We started our course in St. Gallen University on the 16th of September 2014. We are a group of 25 people from the following programs:

  • BMF - Master in Banking and Finance
  • MECON - Master in Economics
  • MIA - Master in International Affairs and Governance
  • MIB - Master in Business Innovation
  • MIL - Master in Law
  • MiQE/F - Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance 
  • MSC - Master in Marketing
  • MUG - Master in Business Management
  • SIM - Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management

and we have an excellent ratio of 50% women and 50% men.  


Guess who is who:

Note: These pictures have been chosen by participants to be representations of themselves.





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