Session 10

We have learnt we can develop our creativity by moving from our automatic ways of perceiving, feeling, thinking and understanding. This "movement" requires effort. It is the same effort scientist and artist have to go through to create. The art of innovation, the art of creativity requires work and investigation, trail and error and many times failure. Nothing can be taken for granted. We worked on the innovator's dilemma, did some experiments and further clarified how I D S can favour our creative development.

We developed some insights about the innovator's dilemma [Christensen, C. M. (1997). The innovator's dilemma. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Press] 1. The main take away; 2. The practical implications, 3. How is it connected to what we learnt

I hope you are leaving with more questions that answers. Our lives are determined by the questions we ask ourselves
— Ela Bhatt
The strength of an ideal can be incalculable. Wisdom is knowing how to lucidly recognize the cause of our disenchantment and failures.
— Albert Schweitzer
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