Collective engagement and value orientation towards interesting purposes are key elements to inquiry about. Nothing can change unless we create interesting group motivations.

In techno-scientific societies we depend on open, interested, trustworthy communication, service and inquire attitude, because without it, people are not positioned to become creative.

All of us are smarter than any of us, and this is the key to unlocking the creative power of any organisation
— Tim Brown

If we do not develop this axiological positioning, then the individual and the group will not be creative.

The mindset challenge is the big challenge

Therefore, how to develop more creative organizations?.  In a broad manner we could differentiate two elements:

1. Creativity Development

Creative outcomes are possible when individuals in creative relationships are committed towards investigating a concrete field of interest (for example, physics, management, marketing, football, music, etc).

However, interest and passion are not enough, the attitude in which the problem is explored is a specific one of distance and silence, in full communication, service and inquiring attitude. These capacities are intrinsic to human beings, however we need to work on them explicitly. 

2. Collective motivations Development

The group needs to orient itself, creating its own purposes. This collective project can foster collective engagement in a way that no individual project can. 

Without this axiological compromise, creativity and innovation is not possible because the team will not be able to create the conditions of inquiry, communication and service required to innovate

Organizations will also need to create organizational processes and systems to generate a structured approach to creativity and innovation in an organizational setting.  There are some resources about this organizational part in our "books for creative focus" webpage. Please feel free to investigate it by yourself.

Human quality is a requirement in a creative economy
Everyone that wants to make something happen will need to create in relation with others.

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